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5 Christmas card services that way are better than Shutterfly and Vistaprint

Photo Affections, Your One-Stop Shop: The company has a giant array of photo card options, and they can even help you create specialized ornaments, mugs, and more. The prices are competitive, they provide a designer review of your card for free to ensure everything looks perfect, and if you need the cards in a rush they have the option for next-day shipping.

Getting Fancy: Minted is not perfect—there are many aspects of the company that are aggressively political. But unlike the other big fish in the Christmas card pond, Minted at least heavily features a large Christian section. Minted also says that they have a direct relationship with their artists, so if you’re going to go with a big brand you may as well support some artists who create unapologetically Christian Christmas art.

Release the Artist Within: If you have the ability to design your own card, Cascade Printing can handle all your printing needs. This small business is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and has a personal, customer-centric touch. Even if you can’t design your own card, perhaps you can find a good, free design on Canva and then have Cascade do the printing for you.

American Classics: To get a guaranteed American-made card, check out this collection of companies compiled by USA Love List. Our personal favorites are American Stationery, an over-century-old company from a small town in Indiana that has a collection of fun Christmas prints, and Warner Christian Resources with their beautiful American-made, Christ-centered cards.

Independent Options: Of course, you can always find a great Christian artist on Etsy to create the perfect card for your family. With all the regular caveats that Etsy itself is not a great company, many of the independent creators on the site are wonderful folks worthy of our support. We recommend using Esty as a search engine but bypassing it for your purchase if possible. Sometimes business owners on Etsy have their own websites and you can go there to buy straight from the source.

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