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two things we always do when we travel

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

1. Explore Vibrant Indoor and Outdoor Markets in Major Cities! 😍 These markets are a weekend staple, offering a wide array of delightful experiences. Discover charming handmade gifts, unique thrifted treasures, rare and exotic ingredients, and savor the delicious offerings of food and coffee ☕️.

2. Embark on a Quest for Unique Art to Bring Home 🖼️ I have a penchant for selecting prints that capture the essence of the cities we visit: a scenic mountainscape from Oregon, a picturesque lighthouse from Rhode Island, or an iconic bridge from California, the possibilities are endless ✨ This not only serves as a delightful memory of our travels but also supports local artists while adding a touch of flair to our home décor 😎😂

PS: My passion for outdoor markets inspired scenes in my books "After She Falls" and "Pretty Little Pieces" 📚🦋🤫. Our most recent adventure took us to the Coconut Grove Farmers' Market in Miami!

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