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Haircare Faves + My Routine for Longer, Stronger Hair

I recommend watching a couple of YouTube videos about using a round brush to achieve the blowout look. I'm by no means an expert, but using this round brush with the hairdryer listed below definitely creates a smoother look.

When looking for a blowdryer, that little attachment part is important. That's what will give you that smooth, shiny look once you know how to use it. Youtube can help with that.

Nutrafol is popular for a reason. It's pricey, but it delivers results for most women. Make sure you select the correct age range when checking out! Viviscal is another great option and more affordable.

Same idea as Nutrafol (the main ingredient is biotin!) but this is in liquid form. Note: You should only take one biotin supplement at a time. Taking a bunch won't make any difference and could actually be harmful.

I primarily take ginseng for mental clarity, but it's good for your hair, too.

Believe it or not, water quality really does make a difference, and I think it's worth the $30! This filter is also super easy to install.


On hair-washing day (usually every three days for me) I massage the following oils onto my scalp. You probably can't be around people once you do this because you'll look a slick mafioso, so I would recommend only doing this on the day you're going to wash your hair. Let 'em sit on your scalp for a few hours and then shampoo them away.

Aloe Vera (I put this on my scalp and the ends of my hair on hair-washing day)

If you do use oils, you'll want to follow up with a scalp scrub, then your shampoo. Personally, I like Oribe for shampoo/conditioner. Pricey, but if you're only using it every three days, it lasts a long time.

A four-minute scalp massage is supposed to help stimulate growth, and it just feels nice.

Frankly, at this price, this mask is unbeatable, and you'll notice softer hair after just one use. Unlike, conditioner, you only want to apply this to your ends.

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