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twelve days of early Christmas shopping

Below you'll find some of my absolute favorites to gift to others and myself!

Almost all of the ones I've curated below are not culturally-neutral. Many are expressly Christian and/or conservative and made in the USA. You can get the full list by subscribing! Happy Shopping.

P.S. If you've got a fiction reader on your list, After She Falls will arrive within plenty of time for Christmas! And the awesome $10 preorder deal is still going on!

An early review: "This is definitely not my typical read, but I found myself really connecting with the characters and investing in the story. There's romance, sports, and strong (but not preachy) Christian themes. I finished the book a couple weeks ago and still find myself thinking about the characters - the mark of a great story".

1) Hope Outfitters T-Shirts for the whole family

2) Holistic and Hopeful serums and body butters

3) Kerygma Candles for anyone!

4) L'ange Hair Products and Tools (try code JASMINERAE and follow her on Instagram)

5) MavenThread Sets (use XOCARMEN)

6) Sweet Sequels Art Prints

7) Redmond Salt

8) 1st Phorm Supplements (*Mugato voice* "Collagen is so hot right now.")

9) Pip and J Papery Flashcards

10) Vermont Country Store

11) BraveBooks Subscription

12) Search for a local farmer and place a large order of meat (because...let's go Brandon!)

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