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I never write poetry

I wear berets often, but I rarely write poetry.

However, a few months ago I participated in a fascinating book study about the connection between our physical bodies and the Christian faith.

I can't remember much (I was seven months pregnant at the time), but I do remember a main concept of the book was "greening" or growing within our bodies. The author wanted us readers to view our bodies as something similar to a garden, something that grows and changes slowly depending on how we feed it/protect it/talk to it/challenge it. Pretty cool, right?

The book also challenges its readers to write a poem about stillness (a major component of meditation and the Christian faith), and so I did, never expecting to share it with anyone other than the women doing the book study. Until I saw this video:

...and it struck me how much the two things (my impulsive poem and this video) have in common. The words of those wise women resonate with me as I live this wild, precious life as a wife, new mom, daughter, sister, friend, and writer.

Perhaps this conversation (the need to "let go and just be") is one we should be having more often?

Anyway, here's my poem. I hope you like it.

On Mondays, especially, I wish…

to just be. To just wholly be. To just holy be. Like…

A dog on her favorite couch, tail fluttering.

A cat in the sun.

A green plant with new tendrils.

A baby in the womb.

I wish…for "chara" – delight in God, beauty, action, will, being.

The joy that lets you work or rest, succeed or fail, know or unknow.

The joy in being.

#poetry #charagrace #fruitsofthespirit #findyoursanctuary

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