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three podcasts for the curious

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Guys, guess what? I found four short, excellent podcasts that dig beneath the surface of our chaotic culture and make you even smarter.

This Cultural Moment

If I were smarter and more articulate (and had an Australian co-host), this is exactly what I would podcast about. If you've ever pondered postmodern culture and thought, "How the freaking heck did we get here?" this podcast has some pretty incredible insights.

Note: I agree with Comer and Sayers about 94% of the time. I think they go a little easy on the left and hard on the right, but you can make your own determination.


Diverse. Research-heavy. Accessible. Focused on questions most people want to ignore. Oh, and not completely lopsided on one end of the political spectrum. Quillette is pretty much academia's worst nightmare, and I love it.

One Quillette reader put it like this: "Sometimes when I read Quillette, I find myself nodding in agreement. Other times I'm pissed off. That's exactly as it should be in a journal built on freedom of thought."

Like their articles, Quillette's weekly podcast does not disappoint.

What is Religious Liberty?

This 4-part podcast offers thoughtful, easy-to-digest insights into the history and philosophies that have shaped religious freedom laws in the United States. An understanding of the American legal system (especially as it pertains to religion) is sorely lacking at the moment, so this is a fantastic introduction for anyone who wants to learn more about our unique constitutional freedoms.

As various entities try to stifle free speech, podcasts like these are increasingly valuable. They give people the chance to hear information and ideas directly from diverse sources without constraints.

If you're not into podcasts yet, I hope you'll give these a try and let me know what you think.

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