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things to pray about pt. 2 (expectations)

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

I hate when I have an idea about who a person is, and then they don't meet my expectations. I especially hate when I'm that person. Not meeting my own standards is a crappy feeling.

Idealization is something I fall into quite a bit, and it's both good and bad. To idealize means to "regard or represent as perfect or better than in reality." I think there are two sides to this coin.

1. You can idolize something or someone because you wrongly believe it is better than it really is and that it will fulfill you in X way. Idolatry is always bad because God is the only person who is actually as good as he says he is, which is why he's the only being we should worship.

2. However, idealized visions are the most compelling. If we believe a person or a cause is worthy of our attention and efforts, we will devote ourselves to those people/causes with a rare kind of devotion.

Parenting comes to mind. My children are far from perfect beings, but I want the very best, most "ideal" future for them, so I'm willing to endure some hardships now to get them as close that future as possible.

That's why I'm not ready to throw out "ideal" things. I think we should defend them and strive for them. Perfection (perfect worship, perfect relationships, perfect health, perfect circumstances) isn't attainable now, but we still yearn for it, and for those in Christ, one day, God-willing, we will get it.

But, in our sin-distorted world, we should stop and consider what we might be wrongfully idealizing. You cannot put human beings on a pedestal and expect them not to eventually fall off and break a few things in the process. You certainly should never put yourself on that pedestal. You, more than anyone else, know how imperfect you really are and how many of your own standards you fail to meet.

That's why you should your feet firmly planted on the ground and keep God in his rightful place--far above you and beside you and before you.

He's the one who will *eventually* lead you to the ideal people and things you seek.

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