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things to pray about pt. 1 (heroes)

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

So many people don't say/do/question/try things because they're afraid of what others will think. Right now, there's some special person (or people) in your life who pop into your head whenever you're thinking about doing something a little controversial, and what you think those people will think stops you dead in your tracks. 

These people might be your friends, foes, or total strangers, but it doesn't really matter. Their thoughts have way too much power over you. This is an idea that's been explored at length in stories, but it's usually presented in a stale way. It goes like this: 

"Zany secular liberal faces their fears and decides to do something "counter-cultural" in a world full of oppressive conservative traditionalists."

(You see it most glaringly in stories geared towards teenagers and young adults.)

Here's why that's so boring: In 2020, in America, the air you breathe is secular progressivism. Your culture [arts, music, movies, universities, media, and even churches] cheers for leftism. So if you identify as that zany liberal are 0% controversial except for maybe in your own mind. Here's how we know that:

You won't get fired or cancelled or harassed or censored.

You'll never send hordes of Twitter checkmarks into a feeding frenzy. 

You risk absolutely nothing except the scorn of people you already hate.

Your views will be protected, defended, and parroted in every major American institution.

Face it. You're the new traditionalists, and you're every bit as bad as you think the old ones were.

That's why I'm not writing this for you. I'm writing this for actual counterculturists doing truly risky things. Those are the ones who must step up in faith and say/do/question/and try things regardless of what other people will think. Push back (hard) on lies, reject postmodern "values," and stand up to the ever-growing mob of conformists.

There *will* be opposition and consequences (because you are a real protagonist, not a counterfeit one), but there are rewards (for you and others) on the other side of your fears.

Pray that God would show you the way to fight through them and that more heroes-in-waiting would be inspired to join you.

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