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Carmen's Favorite Podcasts

Updated: Apr 12

I wish I'd known there were so many fun, informative podcasts out there when I started writing fiction. It would've been so helpful to put names with stories and learn from so many lovely authors who have traveled the hard road of writing and publishing.

If you're an aspiring writer or just a CF super fan, I don't want you to miss out for as long as I did, so I've compiled a list below of podcasts I know you'll love. And mad props to all the wonderful women who run them!

Because Fiction with Chautona Havig:

The Hope Prose Podcast with Tara Ross and Rebekah Black:

Nicole and the Unending TBR:

Madlit Musings with Jaime Jo Wright:

Behind the Story with Naomi Craig and Lisa Renee

Book Talk with Cara Putnam

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