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happy book birthday to After She Falls!

It's here! A day I worked for, prayed for, and waited for a very long time!

After She Falls debuted last Tuesday as Amazon's #1 New Release in Mixed Martial Arts and on the Top 50 Contemporary Christian Fiction Bestsellers List.

I can't wait to see where it goes from here!

After She Falls is available in hardback, ebook, and audiobook form on Amazon and other retailers (and Amazon is currently running a promotion where you can get three paperbacks for the price of two), but the best deal is still at Baker Book House where you can get a copy for $11 plus free shipping.

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped launch this book, whether you prayed for me and my family, pre-ordered, bought copies for friends, shared it on your social media, left reviews, promoted it on your own platform, or sent me messages of encouragement during the hard times. I am a total newbie author with a small following, but WE DID IT, my friends, and I could not have asked for a better launch team.

If you enjoyed reading After She Falls, please leave your reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and wherever else you buy your books. So far, the reviews have been overwhelming positive, and they've also made me realize that many of my readers are also pretty fantastic writers!

Other easy ways you can help spread the word are:

Gift it this Christmas

Recommend it to a friend

Recommend it to a book club

Request a copy at your local library

Order a copy through your favorite local bookstore

Truly, every little bit helps, and you all have already helped me so much!

Lastly, please enjoy this unique book trailer created by my friend, Connor Mahoney. It's captures the spirit of the book perfectly.

Yours in the fight,

Carmen Schober

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