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Carmen Schober x Kerygma Candle Co.

My debut novel, After She Falls, turned two on November 2nd! If you haven't read it yet, it's a contemporary retelling of the classic Rocky story with a Cuban protagonist named Adri Rivera! She might become your new favorite hero, alongside her love interest, Max!) This wonderful review from Kelsie Suter at Life is Story offers a great summary.

There's so much I could say about this special book and the two years that have flown by since it launched, but, I'll just say thank you. I truly have some of the best readers in the world, including a very special mama in Orlando, Florida.

Kadi is a real-life Adri Rivera! Despite so many obstacles, she founded Kerygma Candle & Co. as a young single mother, built a thriving business, found new love, and kept her faith in Christ strong through it all. That's why I was thrilled to partner with her to create a special edition After She Falls candle.

It features Kadi's signature beautiful packaging and coconut wax (which burns cleaner and longer than all other waxes!) with deep notes of moss, violet, incense, saffron, and Palo Santo...inspired by Sparta in the springtime and Max's cologne ;)

If you like cleaner, earthier scents rather than the sweet, sugary stuff in most stores right now, this will be your new favorite candle. And every purchase supports Kadi and her growing family business!

This special edition beauty is $29.99 and going fast, so don't delay if you need this one in your candle collection.

Need a copy of After She Falls to go with your new candle? It's only $9 on Amazon right now and is also available as an ebook or audiobook (or you can ask your local library to hook you up!)

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