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2021 Black Friday Sales!

Updated: May 17, 2022

I'm only buying from non-woke stores this year, and I've compiled a few of my favorites below!

As you prepare for Black Friday sales, sign up for email updates from your favorite shops *today* so you get all the details on their weekend sales before they start. And plan to move quickly! American-made products tend to be created in smaller batches, so you don't want to wait too long.

1) Conviction Co.

I'll kick things off with the sale happening at Conviction Co! Cute, comfy apparel, stickers, totes, and more for the moms out there just trying not to raise communists.

2) Liberty Tabletop

I want these already very reasonably priced wine glasses for someone on my list! Just waiting to see if the price drops even more. Liberty Tabletop has American-made cookware, glassware, bakeware, cutlery, and more.

Black Friday Deal: 15% off flatware!

3) Savino Wine Saver

Perfect for the wine enthusiast on your list who would love something extra special. This innovative gadget keeps opened wine as fresh as can be.

4) Lions Not Sheep

Snazzy apparel and accessories that make a strong statement! I've got this tee in my shopping cart for a fella on my list. Their sales have already started!

5) Kerygma Candles

Do you love gifting candles for Christmas? These have rave reviews, and they're handcrafted by a Catholic mama in Florida! I'm going to give a few of the Morning Meditation ones to my favorite ladies.

Black Friday Deal: Buy one candle, get one half off with the code: B1G150

6) Tuttle Twins Books

This sale is already live! You get TWELVE Tuttle Twins paperbacks for kids plus workbooks, audiobooks, an e-book for parents, and more for $88. I'm excited to give these to my niece.

7) Brave Books

Similar to the Tuttle Twins in terms of teachable content, but it's a book subscription service, and it seems to be geared towards younger children. They look amazing!

8) Musgrave Pencils

My nephew LOVES pencils, so I'm going to get him his own special American-made set! Musgrave has some cool custom options, too, plus a super fly ball cap.

9) Hobby Lobby

If you like shopping in person, hop inside your local Hobby Lobby and pick up some special knickknacks for whoever's left on your list. They make a lot of things overseas, but they don't hate America and constantly virtue-signal. My plan is to give some of these photo ornaments to the grandparents! I'm sure there will be some sales tomorrow, so stay tuned.

10) Holistic and Hopeful

I love this shop, and she's having a BIG sale (40% off) starting on 11/26 at midnight! I'm setting an alarm because I want all the serums (and I might even gift a couple...we'll see!)

Black Friday Deal: Use THANKS at checkout

11) After She Falls

If you've got a reader on your list, you can still get After She Falls for $11 right now with free shipping! It's perfect for women aged 18+ and has a little something for everyone: action, romance, and inspiration.

One reader wrote: "I’ve always been a huge fan romance novels and fiction, but Christian fiction always tends to fall flat. Not anymore! AFTER SHE FALLS so seamlessly blends the thrill and sexiness of romance with the theme of reconciliation with God and in our relationships - no easy feat!"


12) The Great Christmas Bookie Exchange!

Do you want to win FIFTEEN signed books, plus a beautiful collection of Christmas cookies delivered right to your door? Then throw your name in the running here, and then follow these fabulous authors below on social media!

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