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spring cleaning

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Hands-down, this bear is Vivian’s favorite possession. My brother made it for her first Christmas, and she has loved it ever since. Still, as much as she loves this bear, that doesn’t stop her from haphazardly stuffing him into any available toy basket when it’s time to clean up 🧺 ⠀ So when it’s time to find beloved bear again, he’s usually crammed between puzzles, books, plastic kitchen items, or any number of random toys, so she struggles to get him loose 😩 ⠀ This morning as I witnessed such a struggle, I reminded her to “take a few things out” first because then her bear would finally be free 🐻 ⠀ As she cleaned out an overflowing basket to reach her favorite friend, I was reminded that I need to do the same thing myself. Modern life is busy and distracting and crammed full of options, so you have to clean it out to find your favorites ⭐️ ⠀ Time with God, deep study of the Bible, intentional prayer, acts of service to your neighbor, quality time with your loved ones, consistent exercise, hours spent outdoors, nourishing food, long stretches spent writing: these are my favorites, but I can’t find them unless I clear away the clutter 🧼

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