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a birthday wishlist that keeps your money in the USA

A few people asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I was terrible at giving them an answer this year. Partly because there's not a whole lot that I really need, but also because I'm preparing myself for our permanent non-use of Amazon (coming up in a couple months when our subscription finally expires!)

(That's live footage of me saying goodbye to the convenience of Amazon because it's too evil to justify spending my money there anymore 😔)


But yesterday I finally took some time to peruse my Pro-USA Shopping Guide and I found a few items that I could definitely use at the moment!

1. Maryann's Eye Cream. I love her collagen cream and want to try them all.

2. Redmond's Seasoning Set. Vivian's been helping me cook lately, and she is generous with the seasonings!

3. Pink Stork's Labor Prep Tea. I especially love that Pink Stork is a proudly Christian company and women-owned.

4. Bamboo Safety Razor. This seems like a SUCH a better alternative than those wasteful subscription boxes.

5. Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture. I got into gardening and sustainability last year, so this has been on my reading list.

6. Or, if you want to get me something really special, you could preorder After She Falls 😉 It's love, inspiration, and MMA all rolled into a fun underdog story.

This is just a small sampling, but if you want my full (continuously updated!) list of shops, brands, and influencers who prioritize keeping their products in the USA and being inclusive to Christians and non-progressives, sign up for my email newsletter!

I send out the list about every three months or so. I think it's up to 45+ brands at the moment, and I've found a lot more to add.

Happy shopping!

Carmen Schober is a debut novelist, wife, full-time mother, avid boxer, and Rocky enthusiast. She earned a master's degree in English literature and creative writing, and she currently lives in Kansas. You can buy After She Falls here!

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