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5 reasons to get my shopping guide

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

When I created my Anti-Commie Shopping Guide last Christmas, I never imagined how wild the response would be. What started out as me just wanting to find a few non-woke stores to shop from turned into an ongoing project with 800+ new email subscribers and a list of amazing brands that grows almost every day.

Here's why you need the guide:

  • You'll discover thousands of incredible products made in the USA

  • It's full of apolitical companies, so you can shop without any virtue-signaling

  • I've spotlighted amazing shops created by Christians and conservatives

  • And it has pretty much everything! Books, clothes, swimwear, lingerie, maternity, makeup, men's items, gifts, food, home decor, toys, educational resources, entertainment, services, name it, it's probably on my list

If you're still not convinced, here's why you really need the guide.

1. Every purchase does matter. I can tell you from my personal experience of being an author with a book to sell: When you buy my product over other products (and tell other people how much you love my product over other products!) you help me build a sustainable career.

2. Brands send messages. Sometimes they're subtle, and sometimes they're not. Increasingly, many brands feel pressured to pump out deceptive progressive messaging. What you buy (and don't buy) sends a message back, too, so don't miss out on an opportunity to let your voice be heard.

3. Shopping with intention builds character. That might sound silly, but think about it. Rather than simply buying whatever is most convenient or popular, when you shop conscientiously, you're more thoughtful. You learn about who you're shopping from. You consider and compare multiple options. You think about the cause, the cost, and the quality rather than just giving into an impulse. You exercise self-control, and that's a rare quality these days.

4. As a result, you live more simply. You have less "stuff" crammed in your closets and more items that you truly love.

5. My guide is so easy to use. I've updated it to include categories and shorter descriptions, so you can peruse your options efficiently.

I send out an updated version of the guide to my email subscribers every three months, Sign up using the box below!

Happy Shopping!

Carmen Schober

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