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Outschool (extracurricular classes for homeschoolers) 


1776 Curriculum

Actively Unwoke (resources for parents with children in public school)

All School (extracurricular classes for homeschoolers)

Alicia Hutchinson (homeschool resources)

Canon Press

Classical Reader


Gentle + Classical Press

Just Because I Love You (parenting podcast)


Library4Littles (for curated, age-specific reading lists) 

Logos Press

Pip and J Papery (flashcards and workbooks)

Praxis (a college alternative)

Moms for Liberty

Roman Roads Press

Titus Classics Latin Coloring Books

The Tuttle Twins Books and Podcasts (Economics for Kids)

Veritas Press

Wild + Free Homeschool Resources

A Helpful Resource for Finding LGBT Propaganda in children's entertainment: The Insider Database

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